imc WAVE Software Download

The following download of imc STUDIO includes the imc WAVE Software.

imc WAVE 5.2R8 with Updates from 12.04.2019

imc WAVE

Download (1.9 GB) without the following additional components: imc FAMOS, imc SENSORS, imc Format Converter and third party devices

imc WAVE

Download (3.6 GB) including: imc STUDIO, imc FAMOS, imc SENSORS, imc Format Converter, third party devices


  • In general, we recommend the current delivery software version available on this page.
  • The current version of imc STUDIO 5.2 replaces earlier versions of imc STUDIO 5.2 [IT#30949].
    If you are working with an older 5.2 version, we recommend an update.
    If you have any questions, our imc hotline will be happy to help you.
  • The Update from imc WAVE 5.0 to 5.2 is for free.
  • Please contact our Hotline, if you need an older Software Version.
  • Please find here information about compatibility between
    imc STUDIO (WAVE) and the firmware: imc DEVICES.

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