The incremental encoder – (part 2)

Further evaluation possibilities of incremental encoder signals

In the previous White Paper (part 1), the basic operation principals & fundamental signal evaluation possibilities were covered when it comes to single-track incremental encoders.  As already mentioned, it is often not only necessary to know the rate at which something moves, but also the direction in which it moves.

For this reason, many have a second incremental track (quadrature) whose function is described in more detail in the accompanying complete white paper.

Usually, the incremental signals are utilized in digital form, which can also be transformed by methods such as pulse multiplication, but deliver only a limited increase in resolution.If an additional resolution is required, there are incremental encoders that generate two 90° offset sinusoidal signals. With these so called SinCos encoders, as will be described in detail, much higher resolutions can be achieved. Also, further opportunities for increased accuracy are dealt with when measuring velocity. Finally, providing a comfortable encoder interface, different ways of measuring time are explained.

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