Precise and calibrated

Whoever is testing, expects their measurements to be precise and accurate! In connection with strain gauge measurements and bridge sensors, the accompanying white paper provides an explanation to a number of terms and concepts that may be a bit confusing at times.

Concepts and mechanisms:

  • Disambiguation for calibration, adjustment, calibration at the factory and during operation
  • Bridge balancing, symmetry and tara zeroing
  • Bridge measurement configuration and error sources
  • Errors due to offset, amplification and drift
  • Cable influences and compensation possibilities
  • Shunt calibration and calibration offset

imc modules and amplifiers can provide a number of exclusive features.

Exclusive imc features

Single SENSE

Single (rather than double!) SENSE, with minimal cabling can nevertheless completely compensate for cable resistances


Quarter bridge 3-wire with amplification correction

Quarter bridge 3-wire circuit that completely and dynamically compensates not only for offset but for amplification errors as well!


Cable compensation via shunt calibration

An innovative cable compensation method, which doesn't require any additional wires (no SENSE leads for calibration resistors!)



DOWNLOAD: White Paper "Calibration with bridge measurements"