imc POLARES - 遠不止電網品質分析

imc POLARES - Leistungsmessung und Netzqualitätsanalyse

imc POLARES - the new generation of power quality monitoring - Network quality analyzer as per EN 50160 - Power measurement device - Event analyzer

Highly simplified operation

In addition to stand-alone operation, imc POLARES also offers the option to work in PC-aided mode. A PC, connected to the device via Ethernet TCP/IP, enables a large variety of settings and online display options to be set for the purposes of setting parameters and performing general short-term measurements. In imc POLARES, measurements according to EN 50160 are pre-defined and only require a few additional settings, so that imc POLARES can even be operated by inexperienced or sporadic users. An expert has the option to freely define special measurements, cutoff values, analysis routines, and documentation, and to save these for possible later use.

imc POLARES as an EN 50160-compliant network analyzer

· Standard-compliant default setting
· Measurement and monitoring of power quality
· Composition of standardized measurement report at the push of a button

imc POLARES as a power meter

· 1-, 2-, 3-phase power measurement
· Up to the 50th harmonic
· Monitoring of up to 10 inter-harmonics

imc POLARES as an event analyzer

· Flexible value limit and event definition
· Flexible trigger options
· Capture of harmonics and inter-harmonics
· Flicker
· Ripple control signals

Professional-quality network analysis as per EN 50160

· Power quality monitoring
· Detection and analysis of disturbance in the distribution network
· Quality assurance
· Recognition/location of network disturbance events
· Frequency monitoring
· Recognition of asymmetric network loading
· Recognition of harmonics and causes
· Long-term monitoring of power quality
· Flicker monitoring
· Power distribution optimization/ network optimization
· Power measurement
· Monitoring of energy delivered/received
· Monitoring of energy flow direction
· Monitoring of switch-on/off

Extended properties

· PC-less operation with pre-settings
· Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
· Automatic auto-start after power outage
· Removable storage medium
· Start/Stop and display on front panel
· Database linking
· Modem for remote monitoring and polling
· GPS/DCF 77 real-time clock for synchronization to absolute time

A variety of special analyses

· Harmonics
· Inter-harmonics
· Events
· Flicker
· Trigger
· Frequency
· Power
· Ripple control signals

Simple operation
Extensive selection of settings

The procedure for making settings for measurement, data analysis, and documentation is highly simplified. Measurement according to EN 50160 is already pre-defined in imc POLARES, and only requires a few additional settings; thus, imc POLARES is easy to use even for an inexperienced user. Meanwhile, an expert can freely define, save, and access custom measurements, value limits, analyses and documentation.

Mobile and intelligent

imc POLARES' main field of application is mobile, mostly unattended long-term monitoring of electricity networks with immediate standard-compliant and automatic evaluation. In such settings, imc POLARES uses a permanent pre-set configuration and is operated without the help of a PC. Measurement can be started and observed on the device's front panel. The measurement data are saved to a PCMCIA-Flash removable storage medium from where they can be remotely accessed by modem. A standard-compliant, pre-defined measurement report can be printed out directly.

Along with the standardized measurements supported, a number of special analysis functions for power measurement are also available. Of particular note are the analysis of upper and inter-harmonics and evaluation of ripple control signals.

The product package includes a calibration certificate as per DIN EN ISO 9001, and software interface and user's manual in English.