Seminar: Fundamentals of Physical Measurement Engineering

From measurement methods to data analysis

This seminar offers you with a concise look into the principles and systems associated with modern data acquisition and an overview of state of the art technologies.

Target participants:
All personnel engaged in the field of measurement technology or physical testing.



Seminar language:

Seminar content:

  • Fundamentals of measurement engineering
    - What does it mean to measure?
    - Base quantities in physics
    - Basic design of modern measuring systems
  • Measurement methods
    - Fundamental principles of digital data acquisition
    - What must be considered for digital acquisition? (sampling and resolution)
  • The measurement chain and its parts
    - General structure of the measurement chain
    - Measurement quantity acquisition and measured quantity conversion
    - Problems in the transmission of analog signals
  • Presentation of common sensors for physical quantities
  • Principles of A/D conversion
  • Types of measurement amplifiers
  • Examples of physical quantity acquisition
    - Typical acquisition errors
  • Introduction to signal analysis and use of filters
    - What filters are there?
    - What is a FFT?
    - Why use filters?

1 Day (9:00 am – 4:30 pm)

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